Robert H. Schulte

Schulte Associates LLC
Bob Schulte is a Principal in Schulte Associates LLC (SA,, an executive management consulting firm with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, providing project management and interim CEO/COO services to energy industries.  He is an expert in generation and transmission resource planning and project development, and utility business and regulatory affairs for both public and private utilities. 
He was Project Manager of the proposed 270 MW Iowa Stored Energy Park compressed air energy storage (CAES) project, and is the primary author of “Lessons from Iowa,” the U.S. Department of Energy/Sandia Labs report on lessons-learned there.  He performed the Gregory County Pumped Hydro Storage study, combining large-scale (1200 MW) storage with renewables to create a 100% renewable, fully dispatchable, baseload generation resource.  He is currently a consultant to Burbank (California) Water & Power in modeling of a proposed 1200 MW CAES facility, 3000 MW of Wyoming wind, and solar photovoltaics (the “Duck Curve”) in California as they would operate in the Western U.S. electric grid.  The project would serve utilities in Southern California and elsewhere, and replace an existing 1900 MW coal-fired generation station.  
Prior to SA, Bob served 16 years at Northern States Power Company (NSP), now a unit of Xcel Energy. At NSP, he held a variety of positions in resource planning for large-scale generation and transmission projects, marketing, distribution engineering and operations, and legislative/regulatory affairs.  He served as NSP VP of Rates and Corporate Strategy, and VP of Marketing and Customer Service.  

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