Richard Bielen, PE

Division Manager, Fire Protection Systems Engineering

Richard P. Bielen, P.E., is currently the Division Manager of the Fire Protection Systems Engineering Division for NFPA. Mr. Bielen’s division is responsible for the NFPA standards on health care, fire suppression systems, aviation, and other related standards. Mr. Bielen holds a master's degree in fire protection engineering and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, both from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is also a registered professional engineer in fire protection engineering.  Mr. Bielen is a member of the ANSI International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committee, is a member of the NFPA Strategic Plan Task Group responsible for more adoption and use of the NFPA codes and standards and a member of the NFPA Strategic Plan Task Group responsible for better tools to implement segment specific product/marketing plans.  Mr. Bielen authored a pocket guide on Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems, developed a seminar program on health care systems and was the principal instructor for this seminar, both domestically and internationally. Prior to joining NFPA, Bielen worked for the National Fire Protection Research Foundation, for several fire protection consulting firms, and in the electronics industry. He has published many articles on a variety of fire protection, health care, and security subjects.  Mr. Bielen has worked for the NFPA for 30 years and currently manages a staff of 6 engineers in the Fire Protection Systems Engineering Division.

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