Pramod Kulkarni

Senior Advisor
Customized Energy Solutions

Pramod Kulkarni is a Senior Advisor at the Customized Energy Solutions’  Emerging Technologies Group focusing on the developments in regulations,  technologies and markets that create opportunities for clients in the energy storage sector in the US and India. He currently advises companies exploring energy storage development opportunities in the US and India.  Pramod brings 30+ years of experience of developing, financing and commercializing energy technologies.  Prior to joining Customized Pramod worked at the California Energy Commission for 22 years where he started and then managed programs that provided funds for development and demonstration of energy storage and renewable energy. He managed an investment of $120 million in various energy technologies; many of these projects laid the foundation for commercialization of important energy technologies in California’s dynamic energy markets. Pramod has been a reviewer for the US DOE’s energy storage technology program since 1998, and was an advisor for the DOE/EPRI’s 2013 Handbook of Energy Storage. Before joining the Energy Commission Pramod worked for a Fortune 100 company, an energy consulting company, an angel investor and a startup company. Pramod has a BS and MS from India and an MBA from USA.        

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