Oytun Alici

Head of Electricity Group
Energy Market Regulatory Authority (Turkey)

Oytun was born in Igdir, North east of Turkey. Graduated from Middle East Technical University in Ankara with a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical engineering. Later got an M.Sc. degree in Energy Studies from CEPMLP of University of Dundee in 2006.

Started my career as engineer at the investment planning department of Turkish ıron and steel works in 1989. Following my military service I was transferred to Ministry of Energy in 1993. I mainly worked for the feasibility and implementation contracts of build operate and transfer model electricity generation investments. I actively involved in the drafting of electricity market law liberalising and restructuring the electricity sector. Following the establishment of energy market regulatory authority in 2001, I have been involved in the drafting of regulations laying down market rules such as balancing and settlement rules and ancillary services regulation.

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