Archan Padmanabhan

Stationary Energy Storage Director
Tesla Motors, Inc.

Archan is an engineer and entrepreneur with expertise in research, development and commercialization of energy technologies. Currently, he leads product strategy and application engineering for the energy storage group at Tesla. Previously, he was a co-founder at Verdigris Technologies, developing an energy efficiency platform to foster conservation and dramatically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Prior to co-founding Verdigris he worked on electricity markets focusing on the impact of policy scenarios, the integration of renewables, and the economics of deregulated markets. As a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley he also worked on modeling the economic impacts of emerging energy technologies on the US electricity grid. Formerly, he was a founding engineer at Joby Energy where he co-developed novel wind energy systems. While at Joby he researched and published one of the first detailed maps of global wind energy potential using meteorological datasets. His graduate research was focused on Energy Systemws at Stanford University, where he received a masters in Mechanical Engineering.

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