Alexander Morris

Policy Director
California Energy Storage Alliance

Alex Morris is CESA's Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs.  In this role, Alex promotes CESA interests through education and advocacy, ensuring energy storage solutions can support grid reliability and clean energy efforts. Alex directs CESA's engagement in an array of California and Federal agencies, workgroups, and associations.  Alex brings a broad spectrum of energy industry, regulatory, and policy expertise to CESA.  Alex has nearly 10 years of strategic consulting practice at both Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and at Southern California Edison (SCE), focusing on cutting-edge topics such as AB 2514 Storage Legislation, Electric Market Design, Renewables Integration, FERC Policy, Smartgrid, Electric Transportation and Plug-in Vehicles, Rate Design, and the California Solar Initiative, and more. Alex began his work on energy storage by leading SCE's Tehachapi Storage Project in 2009, a federally funded R&D pilot for wind-energy storage and integration.  Most recently, Alex oversaw market affairs and relations for PG&E.  Alex has an M.B.A. from U.C. Davis and a B.A. from UCLA in Environmental Studies.  Alex also serves as the California State Director for a non-profit paddle-sports and water-way stewardship non-profit, the American Canoe Association.

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