Storage Everywhere: Distributed & Customer-Sited Solutions

Room: Ballroom B
Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Time: 2:20PM - 3:15PM EDT

Distributed energy storage systems - located on both sides of the meter - are creating new opportunities for investments and innovative solutions to challenges facing the grid. While energy storage can undoubtedly play a major role in integrating renewable energy and solar systems into the grid, it can provide numerous other value streams for system and building owners. Hear from Stem, Sonnenbatterie, Tesla, and Sunverge on their company's approach to expanded distributed storage deployment.

Storage on the distribution systems can help create more resilient infrastructure, enable businesses and homeowners to avoid TOU rates and demand charges, and even network together multiple systems into a virtual power plants bidding into wholesale markets.

The impact of these distributed systems is fundamentally changing the relationship between utilities and their customers, creating new partnerships and enabling solutions to complex challenges.  

This panel will give attendees a deep understanding of why distributed storage systems are being deployed en masse, how these projets are coming to fruition, and where markets and regulations are creating opportunities for distributed storage.