Opening Plenary Session: Leading Executive Insights

Room: Ballroom CD
Date: Monday, April 25, 2016
Time: 6:30PM - 8:00PM EDT

Welcome to Charlotte! Our opening plenary session for the 26th Annual Conference and Expo will begin with a welcome address from our Utility Host Duke Energy by Mr. Doug Esamann.

The evening's main keynote panel is moderated by Forbes contributor Peter Kelly-Detwiler featuring unparalleled executive insights into the energy industry from three leading companies that are driving innovation.  

AES Corp. has played a leading role in evolving the energy storage marketplace, blazing a path forward that many others have followed. Over the past decade, AES Energy Storage has demonstrated the significant value of storage systems and their commercial viability, and Vice President and CTO Chris Shelton has personally been a driving force within the industry, previously serving as a Board Director and Chair of the Energy Storage Association. He will share his company's outlook for the continued advancement of energy storage, and how it is reshaping the business of one of the first independent power producers in the U.S.

RES Amercas has overseen billions in renewable energy project development, and deployed energy storage in grid scale applications and RES Americas Chief Technology Officer Andy Oliver will share their vision for the next era in energy.

Executive Vice President of Alevo, Chris Christiansen first toured the factory that would become their company's manufacturing center in 2009 - and spent 5 years in 'stealth' mode building an intergrated storage solutions provider, from analytics to manufacturing to installation and  on to operation. His company is quickly finding success in developing new energy storage projects around the globe.

International manufacturing and solutions provider GE has launched a new integrated company called Current, bringing together multiple industry segments into one nimble company. GE Current's COO Eric Gebhardt will round out this executive panel discussing the future of the integrated grid platform and how it is changing GE's global buisiness operations.