MESA/EPRI Workshop on Energy Storage System Communications and Controls

Room: 208 A
Date: Monday, April 25, 2016
Time: 3:30PM - 5:00PM EDT
With increased amounts of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) interconnected to the grid, utilities no longer just supply electricity to customers, but also must plan for, coordinate, and manage the flow of energy to, from, and between customers. To meet these changing needs, utilities and industry vendors must develop and deploy communications standards and specifications to manage, monitor, and collect data from DER systems, including generation, energy storage, and controllable load. The MESA Standard Alliance is developing a draft specification (MESA-ESS) which specifies the communication requirements for the ESS that are directly monitored and controlled by utility SCADA systems. In parallel, EPRI has launched a communications and controls working group as part of its Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC) that is leveraging MESA’s work and developing updates for EPRI’s Common Functions for Smart Inverters document and to identify opportunities to expand and refine these functions with utility scale energy storage in mind. The culmination of MESA’s specification and EPRI’s group work will be presented to the DNP3 users group for consideration in upcoming revisions. This workshop will detail MESA and EPRI’s work to date and share lessons learned from vendors and utilities during the development and early deployment of the MESA communication specifications. 
Please note that this workshop must be registered for separately and an additional fee will apply.