Energy Storage Manufacturing & Installation Site Tours: Alevo, Duke Energy Tour of Marshall, Duke Energy Tour of McAlpine, Parker Hannifin Grid-Tie Division

Room: Off-Site
Date: Monday, April 25, 2016
Time: 12:30PM - 3:00PM EDT

Join us on one of our exciting site tours conveniently located in the Charlotte area.

Duke Energy's Marshall Energy Storage System

Tours Leaving Monday at 12:30PM and 3:00PM*

The purpose of the Marshall Energy Storage System is to utilize energy generated from an adjacent 1.0 MW solar PV system to perform diurnal peak shaving for the upstream distribution substation. System Components: 

  • 800 kWh, 250 kW Superior Lithium Polymer battery (Exergonix)
  • 1.0 MVA Inverter/Storage Management System (S&C)
  • Interconnection to 12.47 kV medium voltage circuit

Located adjacent to a 1.0 MW solar facility Duke Energy's Smart Grid Demonstration activities include work in the Envision Energy pilot in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Envision Energy project consists of two substation scale energy storage installations, a 1 MW solar installation, two community energy storage locations, communication nodes, distribution devices, metering, home energy management systems, residential PV, intelligent EVSE and plug-in vehicles.

At its 2.1 GW Marshall coal-fid steam plant, Duke has deployed a 250 kW / 800 kWh super lithium polymer battery paired with a 1 MW solar PV array that went COD in April 2011. A key goal of that project is to quantify efficiency impacts associated with storing the electricity for shorter or longer periods.

Alevo Battery Manufacturing Facility 

Tours Leaving Monday at 12:30PM and 3:00PM*
Alevo is an energy service provider that brings its innovative GridBank™ energy storage technology and intelligent grid data analytics to the electric grid. Alevo is a vertically integrated manufacturing and deployment organization; able to deploy its GridBank battery energy storage containers anywhere along the electricity supply chain. 

The first Alevo Manufacturing location is in the US at Victory Industrial Park in Concord, North Carolina. Alevo is the main tenant at VIP, which was formerly operated by Phillip Morris.The property has two and a half million square feet of manufacturing space situated on 2000 acres. There is an additional one million feet of warehouse space.When the manufacturing facility is at full capacity it has the potential to produce 16.2 GWh of Alevo batteries per annum.

Parker Hannifin - Energy Grid Tie Division

Tours Leaving Monday at 12:30PM - 3:00PM*

If you are interested in seeing and learning more about the manufacturing process for power conversion systems, join us for a tour of Parker Hannifin’s Energy Grid Tie Division. Located in Charlotte NC, the campus includes engineering, manufacturing, and test facilities for inverters of all sizes. Complete stand-alone power conversion systems are assembled, as are battery enclosures with climate control. The systems incorporate advanced technologies, including Parker’s groundbreaking 2-phase cooling technology and numerous diagnostic features for aftermarket support.

The division designs, manufactures, services, and markets power conversion and battery energy storage products and systems for Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Municipalities/Utilities, and OEMs/Integrators to serve the global Renewables and Energy Storage markets. Parker is a global turn-key solution provider and a center of excellence for Energy Grid Tie power conversion and energy storage systems.

Parker’s Energy Grid Tie Division has been providing power conversion for battery energy storage since 2007 and currently has over 150 megawatts deployed. With annual sales of approximately $13 billion in fiscal year 2015, Parker Hannifin is the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. The company employs approximately 55,000 people in 50 countries around the world.

Duke Energy's McAlpine Creek Demonstration

Tours Leaving Monday at 12:30PM - 3:00PM*

McAlpine Creek Retail Substation, located in south Charlotte, North Carolina, feeds 14,000 residential and commercial customers. Duke Energy’s McAlpine Creek Demonstration Project was launched by Duke Energy’s Emerging Technology group in 2009 with the installation of the 50 kW McAlpine Solar Array.

In 2012, Duke Energy added the 500kW battery storage unit to support microgrid testing and, in 2014, automated the test circuit by adding microgrid test controls to allow automatic islanding and automatic re-sync capabilities.

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